Quality Assurance

Pace Precision is fully committed to reviewing, improving and maintaining the quality of the service offered in the supply of precision components, to ensure our customers’ needs and expectations are fully satisfied.

Every employee has a part to play in ensuring that the company procedures as established, are regularly reviewed and adhered to; only in this way will we earn customer confidence in our ability to meet their requirements.

Pace Precision Limited recognises that its continuing success and reputation depends on the quality of the service it offers. Our aim is to prosper in the business of manufacture and sale of precision components and associated equipment.  To achieve this aim our strategy is to seek to supply promptly and without failure, equipment which will meet our customers’ requirements in every way.


We recognise the pivotal role that training has to play in our long-term success. Our highly skilled and motivated people set us apart and are a vital ingredient of the service we provide.

At Pace Precision we take our social responsibility seriously and we’re paving the way for more young people to get a head start on professional life through our participation in the Apprenticeship Scheme.